Go on an Irish dance adventure with Aistear Academy!

To learn to Irish dance with Aistear you will first need to register here.*

Once you are registered and have paid your $25 registration fee and $25 monthly tuition (charged on the first of the month after you join and automatically recurring on the first of each month) you will receive a welcome email with important details about your new dance adventure including a list of recommended practice music (available on iTunes, Apple Music, and/or Spotify) and detailed instructions on how to get the most out of your Irish dance lessons. 

Each Monday (beginning on the first of the month after you join) you will find a new lesson in your inbox. Your lesson will include a link to an instructional video leading you through stretching, drills, and exercises, and practicing your steps and demonstrating new material of the appropriate level. The email will also include reminders of upcoming events, a bullet point list of movements and steps to practice throughout the week and the best songs to practice with, and instructions on sending a video back to your instructor for individual feedback and additional demonstration videos when needed.

At the beginning of each month you will receive an email newsletter detailing upcoming events and containing other important information.

If you wish you may join in the discussion and make new dance buddies on our closed Facebook group anytime. Only members of Aistear will be allowed to post on this group and discussions will be monitored in order to keep things friendly and fun.

Live workshops, competitions, recitals, and other events will be held across the country throughout the year. Aistear students will receive invitations to all events and discounts on Aistear hosted events. 

Online choreography shares, competitions, and other events will be held throughout the year. Many of these events will be Aistear student exclusive and students of Aistear will be invited to all online events.

A list of teachers across the US who are affiliated with Aistear and willing to teach private, technique based lessons to Aistear students will be available to Aistear students. If a dancer wishes to meet with a live teacher they will contact the teacher directly. The teacher will then contact Aistear and receive a summary of what that dancer is working on in order to keep all parties on the same page.

To summarize here is a list of Aistear member benefits**

  • Weekly video lessons sent to your email inbox
  • Weekly feedback (for one student) on videos sent to your instructor
  • Discounts on Aistear live workshops offered across the country
  • Access to the Aistear community 
  • Contact info for Aistear affiliated teachers offering private lessons across the US
  • Monthly newsletters with information on upcoming events
  • Invitations to events both live and online including competitions, choreography shares, recitals, and more!

*You may cancel your membership at any time by emailing your instructor and canceling through your paywhirl account. Benefits will end 30 days after your most recent payment.  Students wishing to re-join after a cancellation may do so by starting the registration process over and paying the registration fee again.

**$25 a month includes these benefits for one dancer only. If additional dancers wish to receive teacher feedback, participate in competitions or recitals, participate in the community and online events, or receive workshop discounts they must create their own account. While I can't keep family members from sharing instructional videos I do ask that you keep the videos and content within your household. Please do not share or post links to Aistear videos. Doing so will result in immediate loss of Aistear membership.